Thursday, April 14, 2011


So I did not even know this wonderful even was occurring until last night when I was walking through the ped mall.  I needed dinner and wonderful coincidence! RIVERFEST was occurring. This included over twenty restaurants setting up stands and giving samples of their food for minimum price levels.

It was scrumptious.

Other great activities for this celebration:

-The IC international documentary film festival with FREE screenings at the Bijou
- THE ZOMBIE BALL!!! Wahoo- Saturday night at the IMU people will be disguised as Zombie's and dance the night away.

On a very happy note! At the taste of Iowa City I left another poem as part of the poetry project and I saw the people that took it! It was so fun to see them read it and not know I wrote it. It was more of a depressing tone for some reason.... I think the main character dies, but it is left up for interpretation.

A tear runs down her sweat soaked skin;
salt, saline, sunscreen,
But nothing really matters today,
or this week, a life
of wet cheeks.
"Keep going little girl, keep your head up."
She sprints and screams and does not stop
until she stops
through life.
"I'm a stupid stupid selfish self," she says.
Desire for purpose, passion, pleasure,
but not filled
with the world.
She falls.
She lays under the sun; a soaring hawk she is 
for moments.
A caged bird, a broken wing;
collapse, breakdown,
"Break free little child, break free."
And then,
she goes away.

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