Saturday, April 16, 2011

Right now its snowing.

Right now its snowing in Iowa city. It is April 16th.  I had officially declared winter to be over a month ago when I joyfully realized there was EVERY SEASON until winter.  The internet has been broken at my house for weeks.  I ate at least a dozen cake batter truffles and have a terrible horrible stomach ache.  I slept not nearly enough and all my clothes are dirty.

BUT I will choose to ignore this! The weather this week was wonderful and one bad day will be alright.  It is an excuse for green tea, bubble baths, and sitting by the fire.  The internet wastes my time anyhow and it is fun to go to coffee shops in order to use wireless.  The cake batter truffles were one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted and I am so happy I ate them. Also dirty clothes means wearing things I normally forget about!

Some others positive things:

- The IC doc film fest ends today with several screenings:

I kinda wanna go to this one at seven

It's called, "Let Each One Go Where He May"

Also I kind wanna tackle Quiche

This one looks easy!


Plus a homeade crust. Walaaa! I hope it works!

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  1. your quiche was SO GOOD. when I open a restaurant I'll let you make the breakfast items to attract customers. also I like all of your positive ideas! you are so lovely my friend!!