Sunday, April 24, 2011

ma' brambles

So I started a garden. This occurred by digging up some ground next to where I buried my fish (kind of- not too close to the gravesite). Then I planted an entire pack of beets. I have not done anything since then but it has rained a lot.  It said the beets will be ready to eat in 60 days!

The first signs of beet life....

This picture does no justice to the beets but they are there. The sticks are the protective house so the rabbits and mowers won't eat them.

I hope I can compete with Schrute farms someday.


  1. Not to be a complete downer but... you have a LOT of work to do to compete with Schrute Farms.

  2. You'll have to thin out your beets when they start growing. Or you can grow them all teeny tiny and make it gourmet and use them as salad beets or a side to sushi after they are pickled.