Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Poetry Project

So my dear friend Megan boob decided to inspire me with her poems. Anyone can write poetry.  It has no reason or special guidelines except that it be from the heart.  I love it! Then I realized we should start the POETRY PROJECT: here is how it goes.
You write a poem and leave it somewhere with the instructions that whoever takes it has to leave a poem somewhere else; anywhere.  Also they can continue to do this.

My first poem


She laughs and the crease-ed crinkles appear.
The grey wisps fall upon her shoulder, touch her face,
and dance down her back.
An unpurposeful elegance untouchable,
a wisdom refined.
The years add only grace and beauty,
a glow that will not pass or fade or die
even with death.
The simple enjoyments of homemade whipping cream
of a four seasons indoor porch for gardening, and for
the piano.
Across the keys her fingers sweep,
passed down from her mother the piano Teacher,
the pure sound unhindered despite age,
arthritis, weakness.
For these are filled by joy, and youth,
a flower blooming only
before the end.

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