Thursday, September 16, 2010

day dream

Some good things happened today.  One was that it felt like fall outside and that made me very happy.  I actually was too COLD and had to go get a green tea which I then realized is the best ever and I wish that I could drink it every day.

I then went through the day in an elated mood, but also I realized when I am that way I need to be careful to not get overly excited about things or else I just let myself down and have all these ideas that will never come true and then I am exhausted.  So I tried to keep my excitement to a low simmer while I daydreamed during class.

Some things I dreamed about.....

Living on a farm and growing organic vegetables to sell to farmer's markets.  I could also have my own chickens and eat their eggs. However, I do not really like cow milk so I probably would not have a cow. The simple life sounds like zen and awesome.
Then I started thinking about when college running is over staying an extra semester so I can study abroad somewhere after I learn the language.  I think I would like to go to Southern America.

After that my mind wandered to how all of the things that I really want to do with my life do not even require a college degree, but then I realized I am very thankful that I get to come to school and learn all of these wonderful things and become educated.  It is such a blessing and I should not take it for granted.  No matter what I decide to do I have gained so many perspectives that are already allowing me to grow and learn.

Then I decided I wanted to explore the world.

Then I was reading the bible and I came across this passage. "It is he that made us and we are his." It was in Psalms 100.  I really love it and how simple it is.  Nothing else really matters.

I was then happy to go to practice and have an easy short workout.  I felt as though I loved running and the briskness and the feeling when I can feel the very first single drop of sweat roll down my cheek and I can keep my shirt on and be comfortable and the air is fresh and so wonderful.  It was me in love with the world.

Later on I felt homesick when my mom left. :( So that was no good.  Then I did poorly on my online quiz so that was sad also.  And then we went to a speaker that talked about beauty and athletes and loving yourself.  It was sad to think about how many people are constantly comparing themselves with others and never being satisfied or thinking they are good enough.  I know I have done this at times, but also it just really made me want to love everyone and show them how beautiful they are.

It was called beauty mark:
Beauty Mark

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