Saturday, September 11, 2010


Okay. I do NOT hate football.  I just do not enjoy tailgating. So all of my neighbors who were yelling profanities at me for unnecessary reasons can just try to be nicer.

Anyhow. I found out that the Coralville Starbucks maybe happens to have only two other people in it and is very sunny and nice.  Also it was destiny that I came here because the girl working is named BETSY ANN.  That's my name!

So then to put off writing a paper about social theorists from the 1500s to 1700s I decided to look up the meaning of my name.

Betsy means consecrated to God
Ann means gracious

Find your name meaning!

Starbucks coffee is another thing that I am a really big fan of.  If I were a famous person then I would endorse it in a flip ultra second.  They are also a fairtrade promoter which makes me like them even 100 times more. To learn more about this go here:

Responsibly Grown Coffee

Lastly and possibly most importantly I love the mail person and Mama.  Today they went through tons of tailgaters to deliver my package.  I opened my package and it was one of the greatest things I have ever received and I love it as much as you can love a possession.

This is what I got:

Yeah.  An elmo snuggie. I know that it is awesome.


  1. ELMO SNUGGIE?! Is there anything better on this earth?!

  2. haha---betsy! i put off my soc theory paper too...but not for an equally cool reason. i ran...bahhh.