Monday, September 27, 2010

Des Moines

So last weekend I decided to go home to Des Moines. I found out it means river of the monks. hm. I had a lot of fun and I love seeing my family.:) Some of my favorite things we did were these:

Go to la mie

La mie is my favorite lunch spot and lunch is my favorite meal. Plus everything is VERY reasonable priced. Also I got to go with my grandma Mimi.  I love when I get to see her!

Lay in bed for the entire day while it rains and leave the windows open!

We also went to Dos Rios and Star bar.  They were good also.  I guess we ate out maybe too much!

This is what I got. It was yummy.  They also make home made guacamole in front of you!
On Sunday we went to the Bazaar in the east village.

It was a lot of fun.

Watch children's soccer games and lay on the ground.

Also I really liked just being with my family.

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