Friday, September 17, 2010

Today I realized I am having the largest amount of stress and pain not at all due to running but much more because of my severely heavy backpack.  Why would one ever need ten books for one semester?

Anyhow, this website taught me the proper way to use backpacks to avoid these things:

-Use both straps
-tighten so it is as close to the body as possible ( I usually let mine sag quite a bit...)
-pack light ( I do not do this either)
-Organize and use all the compartments (You mean you don't put everything in the big one??)
-When bending forward bend at the knees- this is proper backpack bending technique
-practice back strengthening exercises to prevent strain

backpack stress and solutions website!

On a 'lighter' note (gosh my humor is awesome today)

Today I had cucumber water and it was AWESOME.  I think it was made my a company called hint or something like that...

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